SAS med nytt utseende

Det har vært knyttet mye spenning til hvordan SAS´ nye design skulle bli. Nå har vi svaret. Det nye designet er en moderne fortolkning av klassisk skandinavisk design, og...


What it is: FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU® works with 36 airlines and helps you get cheaper flight upgrades to, e.g. business class. Read more on how it works...

Airlines make $$$ because you bid / pay way too much for your upgrade. By sharing data on how much you have bid on your flight upgrade and whether is was successful or not, you will in turn help out other travelers to save money and points. Just like reviews, it is your own contribution that in turn will help others and yourself benefit from this unique, global, free feature.

When using the FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU®, choose between these key features:

Choose "Register your flight upgrade", if you have tried (successful or not) to upgrade your flight with your airline. We want to know how much was your bid in cash or points and if it was successful or not.

Choose "How much should you bid?", if you have booked your flight and are looking to upgrade, and want advise on how much you should bid. The advice should help you understand just how much cash or points you should bid.

Please understand these are general guidelines based on statistics and should be used with this in mind. There are no guarantees that you will get your upgrades using the advice given, as there are unknown variables such as availability, changes in policy etc.

If you like the idea of saving substantially on your upgrades, please use it and share this on Facebook. If you have questions as to the use of FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU®, please contact us via email: guru@businessclass.com.

This is a non-profit feature from BusinessClass.com. We just want you to get the best deal. Please support by getting the best hotel deals that allows you to save up to 70% off on you next hotel stay. Check out our hotel section here.

Happy savings from the BusinessClass team...

Register your flight upgrade

How much should you bid?


Litt mer komfort

Aer Lingus har akkurat lansert sin AerSpace, et kabinproduktn som gir mer komfort for reisende på de kortere rutene. AerSpace-passasjerer er garantert plass ved vindu eller midtgang på den...


Mer velvære hos Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) har akkurat lansert nye toalettvesker med spennende innhold for reisende i business class på deres langruter.  På flygninger fra Japan deles det ut toalettvesker fra MAISON...

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